Evan_the_Writer is a versatile, flexible, analytical and experienced writer with over 7 years experience in writing custom papers in various fields. As a current computer science student, he knows the demands that education imposes on students. Thus, he will use his vast experience to help customers write their thesis, term paper, critical analysis, coursework, dissertation and guarantee them excellent grades.

His years of writing exposed him to various writng needs, and over time, he has become an expert in fields such as Mathematics, Accounting, Sociology, Literature, Economics, English and Nutrition. Also, he can cite using styles such as MLA, Harvard, APA, IEE and any other as specified. With him, be sure that you will get plagiarism-free work on time and expect to get the best value for your money.
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Customer Reviews
Monroe, Louisiana | 2019-06-08
Thank you for another excellent product. I will be sending another project tomorrow. Thank you!
Assignment, Other , Graduate
Pensacola, Florida | 2018-09-17
I got a 78% on this paper. You have some good sources for this paper. Some of your responses are fairly strong, but some are generally unclear and need to be clarified and supported. In one place you seem to contradict a previous claim. You have some good points, but try to clarify exactly what it is that you are intending to say. For instance, are you saying that if I believe that Muhammed died, then I can’t believe that Jesus was resurrected? This doesn’t seem to follow. Muhammed and Jesus are not the same person, so how would this be contradictory? These were the teachers comments.
Essay, Religion & Theology , Undergraduate
Arnold, Maryland | 2017-10-19
I received and A on this document. I Look forward to working with you in the future.
Analysis, Business , Undergraduate
New York, New York | 2016-12-11
Oops missed the other reply that you made. Thank you so much for your quick response!! Very impressive Customer service!
Research paper, Information Technology , Graduate
New York, New York | 2016-12-11
Not counting the titel page, outline, and reference page which were considered free there are only 9 pages. I was charged for 10....
Research paper, Information Technology , Graduate
Pensacola, Florida | 2016-11-07
It's great, just what I needed. Thanks for your work.
Research proposal, Art , Undergraduate
Great Neck, New York | 2016-07-25
Thank you SOOO much for correcting this. The paper is PERFECT now!! Amazing customer service. :)
Other, Other , Graduate
Charleston, West Virginia | 2015-09-28
The writer for my paper did an outstanding job! Excellent paper and I couldn't be happier with the results. Referenced strong citations and produced quality work. I'll definitely be using this website again!
Research paper, Business , Graduate

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