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Everyday we get emails from students like you, desperately overwhelmed with their hectic schedule: handling work, taking care of their family and coping with demanding curriculum on top of that - not to mention full-blown paper deadlines and stressful finals that suck their time and energy. Does this sound familiar to you? Here's what they say:

  • I am a part-time student currently pursuing a degree course and working full-time. Hence, it leaves me with little time to do a well-written research paper.
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  • Thank you in advance for your help with this. I have a two year old and she has been sick all weekend. I have not been able to get it done.

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Fair pricing policy

Strong educational background and years of experience in custom research paper writing make our team stand against the crowd of amateur writers. Besides, their 24x7 research paper help is priceless, when you have less than a day to write your paper and the time is running against you.

However, do not be lured into the trap of believing that best research papers written in 24 hrs or less will cost you a dime! Our academic writers expect a fair compensation and reward for their job and we must keep abreast of market prices in order to retain the best professionals in this field.

Yet, if we were charging what regular companies charge for their services, our prices would be out of reach for the "average Joe", who really needs our help to improve his grades or simply end the pressure of his hectic schedule and never-ending paper deadlines.

So, here is what we've decided to do:

Since phone support and rental fees are a huge expense, we have replaced the phone access with email support, and hired our research paper writers to work from home.

Besides, we've made the prices more cost-effective based on the deadline. Higher pricing is for a rush work and tight schedule, since the writer has to drop everything to finish your assignment on time. And lower pricing is for orders that can be completed in 4-7 days. This allowed us to greatly reduce our costs and provide you with opportunity to buy custom research papers for as low as:

Delivery Option Undergraduate Graduate Professional
20 days $12.95/page $16.95/page $21.95/page
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  • Have your custom research paper written on any topic and of any length!
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With orders arriving every 2-3 hours, the workload often exceeds the number of research paper writers available to undertake it.

Right now there are 3 writers available to take urgent orders -- but, we can't promise they will be out of work for long.

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